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Open-Silicon’s Full Turnkey Custom SoC Offering

Open-Silicon partners with customers to provide turnkey custom SoC solutions needed to get semiconductor products to market.  For some customers, that is a traditional design netlist/RTL handoff. Others need spec handoff for architecture, prototyping, system design, and software to expand their product lines.  For yet other customers, the need is for production handoff for a  seamless outsourced operations infrastructure.  By offering complete semiconductor development solutions, Open-Silicon has the breadth of capability to fit the ever changing needs of each customer.

While the options are limitless, sometimes it helps to present a few handoff models to illustrate the potential:


The benefits of these various models are:

  • Derivative or Platform SoC: starting from concept or a prior generation device, Open-Silicon delivers a complete semiconductor product solution.  Also a core handoff, where a working IP block is provided to Open-Silicon who builds the rest of the chip around it.
  • Spec Handoff: Open-Silicon’s architects collaborate to bring the spec to fruition.
  • RTL or Netlist handoff: the traditional ASIC handoff step.  Open-Silicon’s execution excellence, corporate focus on predictability and reliability, and the added advantages of the MAX Technologies combine to build the best possible custom silicon.
  • GDS2 Handoff: takes advantage of Open-Silicon’s test and packaging engineering, as well as our low mask costs.
  • Production Handoff: takes advantage of Open-Silicon’s low materials costs as well as test time reduction and yield enhancement capabilities.

Custom Engagement Models

In addition, a custom engagement model can always be put together to take advantage of a customer’s strengths and current resource availability. Some customers may need to leverage existing test equipment, reuse IP they have already licensed, or they may have specific tools requirements.  Other customers need more than just silicon, including software drivers and/or printed circuit boards for device demonstration or evaluation.  Open-Silicon is happily engaged with those customers too, adding value with a flexible engagement model, experienced professionals, and a “let’s work together to get the job done” mindset. Whatever the model that makes sense, Open-Silicon’s custom SoC program managers will provide a single point of contact, simplifying what would otherwise be complex arrangements for customers to manage.

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