Open-Silicon .:. Prototyping, Software and Validation
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Open-Silicon offers full system prototyping, hardware board design, and software development solutions to help our customers complete their semiconductor product development.

Prototyping Software and Validation


Open-Silicon prototyping solution provides customers with a one-stop-shop with reliable execution throughout the product design and manufacturing process. The prototyping solutions are an executable, cost-effective representation of the system, which allows for:

  • Architectural Exploration – ‘What if’ scenarios
  • Proof of concept and demonstrations
  • Acceleration of RTL verification
  • Early firmware and software development

Open-Silicon implements prototyping solutions based on:

  • FPGA Platforms: Here, either COTS FPGA boards or Open-Silicon designed FPGA boards are used for logic emulation, combined with peripheral daughter cards. This enables RTL validation and software development at a pre-silicon stage.
  • Virtual Platforms: Here, a virtual representation of the ASIC design is created using tools from Carbon Design Systems which enable architecture analysis and early firmware/software development at a pre-ASIC RTL stage

Click here for details – Virtual Prototyping

Open-Silicon also offers emulation using hardware emulators. For more information please contact


Embedded software expertise spans across specification analysis, architecture, prototyping, software development, integration and testing. Capabilities include porting/migration of firmware and operating systems, device driver development and porting, middleware and application layer development and porting.

With working knowledge in networking and multimedia domains, Open Silicon’s software team works along with hardware team to create end-to-end solutions from concept designs.

Post Silicon Validation

Using a well defined validation methodology and capabilities across pre-silicon development cycle, Open-Silicon enables hardware and software verification in post-silicon bring up phase. These include electrical checks, device characterization, function and performance qualification, and various tests based on customer requirements.

Hardware Board Design and Development

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) developed might be silicon validation bring-up boards, form factor evaluation boards, or system boards for production. Open-Silicon’s PCB design team has experience in areas as diverse as networking modules, medical systems, smartphones, multimedia boards, and audio conferencing systems.