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A Single Point of Ownership

The position of program manager is a unique role created to lead Open-Silicon’s team, the customer’s team, and the 3rd party teams in a predictable and reliable program completion.  Program managers provide a single source for complete project information to our customers.  They also act as a facilitator among different disciplines to remove roadblocks and keep customer projects on schedule and within budget.

Specifically, Open-Silicon’s program managers are responsible for monitoring a detailed task-driven schedule for each project on a daily basis. This allows them to predict schedule slippages way in advance, thereby ensuring adequate availability of time to recover from such slippages wherever possible. This increased predictability enables our customers to accurately plan their product launches and make sound business decisions that ultimatelyresult in a greater degree of success.

Our program managers deliver on our commitment to “Open” communication through-out the entire project. They deliver continuously updated information and proactively work with our engineering teams and our customers and partners teams to remove roadblocks and keep projects on schedule and within budget. Open-Silicons program managers are one of the keys to Open-Silicon’s ability to provide predictable schedules and open communication that de-risks project schedules.

Predictability and Reliability

Predictable, Reliable, Physical Design

Open-Silicon was founded on the principles of making semiconductor design predictable, reliable, and
affordable.  Open-Silicon has maintained a focus on these core competencies over the years, with a rigorous methodology for design at leading-edge process nodes into the world’s leading foundries, plus design technology to give our customer’s an edge in their market in terms of power, performance, variability management, or test.


Predictability is the percent of designs in the last 12 months that taped out within +/- 2 weeks of the originally
committed customer schedule.

Reliability is the percent of designs that had a defect requiring a respin due to an Open-Silicon or Open-Silicon
IP partner design issue.

The Open-Silicon target for both predictability and reliability is 90%.

Impact on Market Share

Why is predictability so important?  It is well known that being late to market limits the share of market that can be gained:

In order to maximize the market share above, you need to both have silicon come out on time, and to work the first time. One without the other offers clearly little value, which is why Open-Silicon has focused since inception on both parameters as the key metrics used to measure the effectiveness of our design organization.

Company Focus

Open-Silicon does not just precisely define and measure predictability and reliability.  We also report them to the
board of directors at every board meeting and tie our executive compensation to it.  Design issues can arise from all parts of the organization, including design methodology, tools issues, customer design issues, IP, etc…  Only by focusing the entire team on these metrics can execution be ensured.

ASICshare Customer Collaboration Portal

The Information You Need, In One Place

ASICshare™ is our web-based customer collaboration portal and Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) system that provides electronic access to project related information throughout the entire development engineering of the project.

ASICshare allows customer to track exactly where their project as it progresses through the entire chip development and delivery supply chain.

All Open-Silicon customers are given pass-word protected secure access to review the status of their project. With ASICshare customers have:

  • An easy-to-use web interface that facilitates global sharing and collaboration
  • Immediate access to timely information
  • Visibility into all phases of the design, test, prototyping and qualification process
  • A Complete historical document control system
  • Team members contact info
  • Insight into milestone, deliverable and receivable status
  • An up-to-date overview of risk status and mitigation plans
  • Milestone passing checklist information
  • Action Items and support request tracking status.
  • Worldwide, 24/7 access

Do much more than Plan, Execute and Monitor your project… Please contact your Sales, or Program Management contact for ASICshare login details.