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Production and GDS2 Handoffs

Customers may want to take advantage of Open-Silicon’s attractive foundry mask and wafer pricing, or Open-Silicon’s ability to offshore test, or lower packaging costs.  Whatever the need, Open-Silicon’s manufacturing teams are ready to assist customers with a seamless handoff, thorough internal checklists for production release, and state-of-the-art equipment in both foundry and laboratory to make sure the ramp is successful.

World-Class Partners

Open-Silicon partners with world-class foundries to provide complete manufacturing services. Our staff brings years of semiconductor manufacturing experience and product engineering expertise to every engagement.

We work closely with the customer to identify and select the right process and technology solution for each design. Selecting the process node and the optimal process options requires careful comparison between different foundries, design objectives, market applications and target price. Our manufacturing experts pride themselves in staying current with all existing and emerging process technologies to ensure complete choice through our OpenMODEL™.

Throughout each stage of manufacturing our foundry manager monitors all activities in the fab, once engineering and production lots are started. We provide split-lot and wafer-staging capabilities to the customer. The fab WIP is easily accessible to the customer through our web based tracking system, ASICView. Our product engineering group will track and monitor the PCM data to ensure the wafers are within the spec and use this data later on to correlate to the final yield.

Best-In-Class Production Controls

Open-Silicon’s experienced Production Control (PC) team plays a crucial role once the customer releases their part to production. This team performs and monitors the following activities to guarantee on-time delivery:

  • Scheduling, planning and forecasting
  • Wafer, assembly and test management
  • Inventory management
  • 24×7 automated WIP tracking and reporting via ASICView
  • Shipments tracking

We internally measure several metrics and share them with our customers. These include:

  • OTD – On-Time Delivery
  • OSD – Original Schedule Date
  • CRD – Customer Request Date
  • Lead times
  • OTD to OSD
  • OTD to CRD
  • RMA response time

Through our continuous improvement efforts, we provide regular feedback to the foundries as part of the yield enhancement program. We also provide our customers with FIT numbers on regular processes to further ensure the quality of their product.

Want to get a budgetary quote for Production and GDS2 Handoff? Please fill out the Design Requirements Form.