Edition 4, Oct. 2015

ASICs Memory Bandwidth Issue Fix Offered...

3D harnesses 1,024-bit wide pathways

R. Colin Johnson,
Advanced Technology Editor, 
EE Times

PORTLAND, Ore.-Application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) are often limited by the bandwidth they can achieve with double-data-rate (DDR) off-chip memory architectures. Now ASIC-maker Open-Silicon (Milpitas, Calif.) claims to have solved that problem by integrating high-bandwidth memory (HBM) 3D stacked memory chips into the same system-in-package (SiP) with a 1,024-bit parallel memory interface that beats any off-chip memory architectures.
"We are offering 3D memory stacks integrated into the ASIC package using silicon interposer 2.5D technology," Hans Bouwmeester, vice president of IP and Engineering Operations at Open-Silicon told EE Times in an exclusive interview. "The result is higher performance, lower power and a smaller form factor--a three way win."  Read on...
Open-Silicon to Exhibit at following industry events in Q4:
Open-Silicon showcases ARM® Cortex®-M based IoT Custom SoC Platform, at ARM Tech Symposia Bangalore on October 13, 2015. 
To exhibit at ARM Tech Symposia Japan on Dec. 2 and demonstrate ARM® Cortex®-M based IoT Custom SoC Platform.

Open-Silicon exhibited at the SNUG Austin, TX, Designer Community Expo (DCE), on Sep. 18, 2015.

Open-Silicon exhibited at CDNLive India 2015 on Aug. 18 and 19, 2015 and presented five different papers, out of which a paper presented on "Metal Programmable Clock Delay Line" won THE BEST PAPER AWARD".
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About Open-Silicon
Open-Silicon transforms ideas into system-optimized ASIC solutions within the time-to-market parameters desired by customers. The company enhances the value of customers' products by innovating at every stage of design - architecture, logic, physical, system, software, and IP - and then continues to partner to deliver fully tested silicon and platforms. Open-Silicon applies an open business model that enables the company to uniquely choose best-in-industry IP, design methodologies, tools, software, packaging, manufacturing, and test capabilities. The company has partnered with over 150 companies ranging from large semiconductor and systems manufacturers to high-profile start-ups, and has successfully completed 300 designs and shipped over one hundred ASICs to date. Privately-held, Open-Silicon employs over 250 people in Silicon Valley and around the world. To know more visit: www.open-silicon.com

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