Edition 3, August 2015
'Open-Silicon Ships 100 Million ASICs' 

Demonstrating Robust Design and Manufacturing Technology


MILPITAS, CA-(Marketwired - April 23, 2015) - Open Silicon announces a major milestone - the shipment of its 100 millionth ASIC in Q1 2015. Proving industry-wide adoption of OpenMODEL, the semiconductor industry's first end-to-end ASIC development solution is based on a revolutionary business model that provides a seamless, low-cost, and low-risk alternative to traditional models.

"With leading edge foundry, various flavors of process technologies, latest packaging technologies and integration of several third party IPs, we have proven our OpenModel approach meets the needs of our customers," said Asim Salim, Open-Silicon's Vice President of Manufacturing Operations. Read on...

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About Open-Silicon
Open-Silicon transforms ideas into system-optimized ASIC solutions within the time-to-market parameters desired by customers. The company enhances the value of customers' products by innovating at every stage of design - architecture, logic, physical, system and software - and then continues to partner to deliver fully tested silicon and platforms. Open-Silicon applies an open business model that enables the company to uniquely choose best-in-industry IP, design methodologies, tools, software, packaging, manufacturing and test capabilities. The company has partnered with over 150 companies ranging from large semiconductor and systems manufacturers to high-profile start-ups, and has successfully completed 300 designs and shipped over a hundred million ASICs to date. To know more visit: www.open-silicon.com


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