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IoT SoC Platform


Over the last few decades the semiconductor industry has evolved from an emerging technology to one that enables new technologies. The industry’s evolution in some sense parallels the changes in computers, smart phones, tablets and the Internet. Just as the first waves of the Internet era led to rearrange the technology landscape, the Internet of Things will tilt the direction of technology development and adoption. Semiconductors continues to be a driver and enabler for growth of Internet of Things.

Drivers for Custom Silicon in IoT

Currently, many IoT Edge and Gateway devices are designed around standard compute components (ASSP). However custom silicon has begun to take off and following factors are the driving this change, especially in higher volume segments.

  • Need for product differentiation at hardware level
  • Ultra low power
  • Advanced and customized security features
  • More computing power to enable edge analytics
  • Lower BoM

As one of the pioneers in this space, Open-Silicon is continuing its focus on custom silicon for our IoT customers which include OEMs/ODMs and semiconductor companies.

IoT SoC Classification

From our perspective, IoT SoCs can be broadly categorized as Edge, Gateway and Cloud side SoCs as shown below:

Edge SoCs

These SoCs form the heart of IoT edge devices that sense and/or actuate and are mainly micro-controller class CPU based with digital and analog interfaces to sensors & actuators on one side and wired/wireless connectivity on other side.

To learn more about Open-Silicon’s IoT Edge SoC Platform click here.

Gateway SoCs

These typically built around application class CPUs with wired/wireless connectivity on both sides, with high speed interfaces like USB, PCIe, SATA etc. and sufficient computing power by way of CPUs, DSPs and hardware engines.

Learn more about Open-Silicon’s IoT Gateway SoC Platforms.

Cloud SoCs

These are the traditional ASICs that are used in networking, telecommunications, storage and computing hardware. Examples on cloud side include, among many others, LTE base stations, satellite modems, enterprise storage devices, networking switches and HPCs.

Market Segments

The need for custom silicon in the IoT domain is envisaged across all major market segments, including but not limited to the following:

  • Industrial
  • Health Care & Medical
  • Energy and Utilities (Smart cities)
  • Automotive
  • Consumer
  • Retail
  • Environmental, etc.

Click here to learn about IoT Edgde SoC Platform
IoT Gateway SoC Platform
Open-Silicon’s ARM® Cortex®-M IoT SoC Platform

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