Open-Silicon .:. Differentiation Using IoT Edge Device ASICs…
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Differentiation Using IoT Edge Device ASICs…

February 2016
Publication: EMBEDDED SYSTEM ENGINEERING - Guiding Embedded Designers on Systems and Technologies
Edition: Engineers' Guide to IoT & M2M

Here is a quick overview of our company, Open-Silicon, so that the context of strategy and roadmap for the IoT space becomes more clear. Open-Silicon is an end-to-end silicon design and manufacturing house and enables customers transform ideas into system-optimized ASIC solutions. The company work with customers from a concept through architecture, logic design, physical design, software, silicon part on an evaluation board, all the way to volume production. Historically, it has been churning out silicon for the cloud side of IoT, covering Networking, Telecommunication, Storage and Computing (NTSC as we call it). From late 2014, Open-Silicon started piecing together a strategy to address custom silicon for devices on the edge of the IoT network.
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