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Taher_MadraswalaAs a Value Chain Aggregator, I have had the privilege of working with over 3 dozen entrepreneurs to help translate their ideas into real silicon. This created millions of dollars’ worth of business opportunities for IP providers, silicon manufacturers, assembly houses and test houses. Through this journey, I have garnered relevant experience that will help guide the GSA Board in creating profitable solutions for the entire supply chain. For example, I would like to propose that the industry enable partners like us to promote the much needed push towards 2.5D and 3D technologies to make custom silicon affordable. At Open-Silicon, we recognized the need to offer these technologies to system architects and invested in it much ahead of other service providers in our market segment.

As GSA Board member, I will be able to share the challenges that small to medium-sized companies face in creating new products for untapped markets. Some of my customers have had to ZBB good product ideas due to lack of ability to make minor modifications to off-the-shelf IP.  Creating a group that manages such changes and supports the modified IP through a profit sharing mechanism can allow an upsurge in demand for ‘older’ generation IPs that may have reached a revenue plateau. Such initiatives can also allow vendors to increase shelf life of IP which in turn would reduce the cost per use in its early stages.

I also feel strongly about educating and training the future generation to attract them to become VLSI engineers. With so much emphasis being given to software skills, we will all face challenges in hiring the right talent to do our next generation devices if we don’t address the educational aspects soon. As a global organization, I feel that we have the ability to influence young minds by showing them the impact of our industry through seminars and joint workshops. Having been a teacher for many years in my youth, I will be happy to drive such a program across the globe with some assistance from my fellow Board members.

In conclusion, I hope I was able to articulate a few of the many ideas that I would like to bring to the table of distinguished members. I would be honored to get elected to the Board and would work tirelessly to make us even more visible as the platform for global collaboration.

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