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Fastest Performance. Lowest Power. Smallest Possible Area.

Achieve unmatched success with your ARM®-based design by leveraging the ARM Technology Center of Excellence at Open-Silicon. A team of dedicated front-end design experts combined with leading technology including CoreMAX™ and low-power solutions like PowerMAX™ and VariMAX™ back biasing, allows customers to achieve market-differentiating performance and power levels in their ARM technology-based products. Deep experience from over a hundred processor implementations and various EDA tool flow options enable turnkey (spec to parts) ARM-based SoC design.

Services and Offerings:

SoC Architecture & Analysis

  • ARM® Architecture Performance Analysis & Optimization
  • Hardware/Software Partitioning
  • CPU Selection
    • CPU features needed (NEON™, VFP, Jazelle®, etc…)
    • Cache sizing, L2$ need, etc.
  • SoC On-Chip Bus Design with AMBA
  • Peripheral IP Selection
    • Compatibility with other IP in the SoC
    • Throughput/latency considerations
  • Chip/CPU Debug & Trace Support with ARM CoreSight™
  • System Security with ARM TrustZone®

AMBA-Based RTL Design

Open-Silicon’s system engineers will construct an AMBA-based processor subsystem to meet the needs of the SoC application. This may be based upon an Open-Silicon AMBA reference design, or a fully custom implementation may be best suited to meet the coherence, latency and bandwidth requirements for the SoC.

Open-Silicon can also leverage ARM’s tooling (AMBA Designer) and methodology which specifically targets the quick stitching together of the SoC top-level using IP-XACT descriptions of the IP and a specification of the bus infrastructure.

FPGA-Based Prototyping

  • System validation & debug
    • Accelerate development
    • Reduce risk
    • Find problems early in the design cycle
  • Vehicle for customer demonstration
  • Speed-up verification through emulation
  • Early start for software development
  • Hardware includes Synopsys HAPS and ARM VersaTile™ and CoreTile

Virtual Prototyping

  • Architectural exploration
  • Performance modeling
  • RTL Verification
  • Platform for early firmware & software development

Open-Silicon uses ARM CPU and system IP models and tools from Carbon to create ARM SoC for architecture analysis and early software development. Open-Silicon has successfully used virtual prototypes in our design flow to speed-up ASIC development. Open-Silicon also provides Carbon Performance Analysis Kits (CPAKs) for customers to download from Carbon website.

Click here for details – Virtual Prototyping

Processor Optimization Hardening

SoC designers need hardened ARM processors that are optimized for performance and/or power. In today’s IC design, these processors will need to target a specific foundry technology, and sometimes metal stack. They will also need right-sized caches. Finally, the device application will drive whether a purely performance hardening is in order, or a more balanced performance/power tradeoff would yield a better market solution.

Open-Silicon offers processor hardening both as a service and as part of a complete SoC development solution. In addition to proven methodology capability at today’s leading edge process nodes, Open-Silicon brings the experience from over a hundred processor hardenings. In addition, Open-Silicon offers the proprietary and patented CoreMAX and PowerMAX technologies for processor performance and/or power optimization. These technologies came from the 2007 acquisition of Zenasis Technologies, a leader in ARM processor optimization, and have been carried forward as part of Open-Silicon. These technologies offer an design-specific library augmentation flow for performance/power optimization. By adding 100-300 new cells to the standard cell library in a couple of Vts, the performance of these processors can be improved on average by 6-10%. Also, Open-Silicon is a licensee of ARM’s Processor Optimization Packs (POPs) for Cortex processors and can use those additional cells to achieve a market-differentiating performance.

With some of the industry’s broadest processor hardening experience, and these MAX technologies, Open-Silicon is one of the leaders in processor implementation for embedded SoC designs.

Embedded Software

As a complete embedded ARM solutions provider, Open-Silicon offers ARM processor software development. Customers who need to have low-level drivers, or middleware, written to complete an ARM-based embedded solution can use Open-Silicon for their product development needs. Open-Silicon has an experienced software team with capability in multiple operating systems (including Android and Linux) and with a wealth of applications. As part of this experience, the team is well versed in various memory optimization, performance and power optimization, and debug techniques.

In addition to the software capabilities, the team also offers ARM emulation solutions as part of an embedded SoC development effort. The ARM emulation solutions are FPGA-based and well suited to complex SoC development design verification activities. Open-Silicon offers both the emulation system with reference design, and a complete design verification solution, as potential models to help customers quickly get their products to market.

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