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IoT SoC Platform Demonstration Cortex-M Series
Trust Based IoT Security Mechanism For ARM Based SoCs

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Product Differentiation Using Custom IoT Edge SoCs

Components of IoT Edge Device:

Key Features of IoT Edge Device SoCs:

  • Low power
  • Application specific security
  • Computing and storage headroom to handle edge analytics
  • Interfaces to sensors, actuators and communication modules
  • BoM and form-factor reduction

IoT Edge Device SoC Ecosystem:

Custom ASIC Solutions:

Spec2Chip IoT Platform for ARM® Cortex®-M Edge SoCs

Spec2Chip Cortex-M Platform for low risk and reduced schedule:

  • RTL based SoC platform with field proven design and verification methodologies
  • FPGA platform with software for evaluation of system level use-cases
    Scalable platform in RTL and FPGA allowing: 
  • Hardware-software partitioning
  • Custom IP integration and verification
  • Software development.

Challenges in IoT Edge SoCs:

  • Power
  • Security
  • Cost and form-factor
  • Time-to-market


  • Ultra low power & mature process technologies (180nm to 28nm)
  • Security (HW, SW & Communication)
  • BoM reduction, Embedded flash, Mixed signal and RF with multi-chip packaging options
  • One-stop turnkey solution from architecture to mass production, including software

ARM® DesignStart™ Program:

The ARM® DesignStart™ Program greatly simplifies the design, simulation, prototyping and commercialization of custom system-on-chips (SoCs) via access to industry-proven ARM® Cortex®-M processor IPs, now including the ARM Cortex-M0 and -M3. With no upfront license fee, designers have free access to these IPs as well as ARM’s verified subsystem and expanded support. Open-Silicon’s establishment of an internal ARM TCoE (Technology Center of Excellence) combined with its status an an ARM Approved Design Partner participating in the ARM DesignStart Program, enables its customers to enjoy very low risk and reduced schedule for custom SoC development.

“Can a custom ASIC revolutionize your next IoT product?”  To view this joint Webinar delivered by ARM and Open-Silicon, click here.

Want to get a budgetary quote for ARM Cortex-M based IoT Edge SoC? Please fill out the Design Requirements Form.
Downloads: IoT SoC Platform Demonstration_Cortex-M Series