Open-Silicon .:. Analog ICs
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A Design Partnership

Open-Silicon works with key analog design partners to complete full custom analog IC design, including test engineering, package development and foundry production.  This allows customers to realize the unique value of fully customized analog solutions without having to put together an additional operations infrastructure to handle another custom product, or to spend engineering effort in subcontractor searches.  For high volume customers this opens up the potential of enjoying the attractive pricing of a foundry silicon model, instead of paying traditionally high analog product margins.

Open-Silicon’s world-class partners complete the design to GDS2, working with Open-Silicon’s program management structure to ensure a seamless transition to volume production.

Case Study:

Problem: An Open-Silicon customer needed a complete RF and baseband chipset solution for its wireless device.

Solution: In order to provide the most cost effective, reliable solution, Open-Silicon and its partner, S3, successfully developed a two-chip custom chipset targeting multiple foundry technologies to optimize each IC for lowest cost and power.