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Open-Silicon’s Interlaken IP is a scalable, high-speed chip-to-chip interface protocol that builds on the channelization and per-channel flow control features of SPI4.2, while reducing the number of chip I/O pins by using high-speed SerDes technology, similar to XAUI. The Interlaken IP supports the following
Interlaken Alliance specifications:

  • Interlaken Protocol Definition, v1.2
  • Interlaken Look-Aside Protocol Definition, v1.1
  • Interlaken Retransmit Extension, v1.1
  • Interlaken Interop Recommendations, v1.6

Designed and tested to be easily synthesizable into many ASIC technologies, Open-Silicon’s Interlaken IP Core was uniquely built to work with off-the-shelf SerDes from leading technology vendors. Using vendor specific, proven, SerDes allows Open-Silicon customers to quickly integrate the Interlaken IP Core into the customer’s technology of choice.

Open-Silicon’s sixth-generation Interlaken IP core doubles user data bandwidth of the previous generation to 600Gbps by enhancing the SerDes and user interface support. This version of the IP core improves system reliability with the addition of Interlaken Retransmit Extension support. Building upon Open-Silicon’s robust and flexible architecture, the IP also adds support for multiple aggregate bandwidth interfaces within a single IP core instance, allowing for a more efficient implementation.

Key Features:

  • Fully-programmable SerDes lane mapping
  • 4-channel Interlaken Look Aside protocol support
  • 25Gbps SerDes support
  • 600Gbps high-bandwidth performance
  • Interlaken Retransmit Extension support

In addition to the key features highlighted with the latest release, the Open-Silicon Interlaken IP also provides the following feature set as part of the standard IP functionality:

  • Support for 256 logical channels, plus 8 bit channel extension for up to 64K channels
  • Independent SerDes lane enable/disable
  • Support for SerDes speeds from 3.125Gbps to 25Gbps
  • Configurable number of lanes from 1 to 48
  • Three options for User Interface: 128, 2×128, 256, 2×256 and 4×256-bit
  • Programmable BURSTMAX from 64 bytes – 512 bytes
  • Programmable BURSTMIN from 32 bytes – 256 bytes
  • In-band and Out-of-Band flow control
  • Programmable calendar
  • Built-in error detection and interrupt structures
  • Configurable error injection mechanisms for testability
  • Full-packet mode and segment mode
  • SerDes support for 8, 10, 16, 20 or 32-bit SerDes
  • Maintenance interface for control and configuration

Download Interlaken White Paper
Download Interlaken Product Brochure

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