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Open-Silicon™ 2.5D ASIC Capability

Multiple flip-chip die attached to a single, passive silicon interposer with high density microbumps at a 40um pitch Enables connections between dies, as well as connections to the package substrate, using Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) Finer grain and lower power than MCM solutions – enabling many new applications.

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Proven Open-Silicon™ 2.5D ASIC Methodology

–   Design partitioning – full performance modeling at early stage
–   Physical design and timing closure – joint development of substrate, interposer and logic die
–   DFT – stand-alone wafer level and integrated package test solutions
–   Package design, assembly and reliability


Results From 2.5D ASIC Demo Board:

 2.5D ASIC (Test Chip) Block Diagram
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–  Contains two dual core 1GHz ARM Cortex™-A9 processor die on silicon interposer
–  Connected by AXI D2D interface at (x2) 8GByte/s full-duplex
Fully functional
–  Both CPU die boot and communicate
–  Audio and video demo software running across the die-to-die interface
–  All functional paths operating at targeted speed and power across PVT conditions
–  Test interface running at over 1GHz single-data rate with margin up to 2GHz on next generation
Power – 0.5 pJ/bit for die-to-die interface
Reliability – ESD performance double OSAT requirement


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Download: Exploring_the_2 5D_Interconnect_Frontier.pdf

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